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It happened again today. Pulled the aerator off of the trailer for my first aeration of the day and it started surging almost immediately. About 30' into the aeration it died completely. Took a few minutes before I was able to start it again and once I did, no other problems. Nothing like standing in front of a customer's house for 4 or 5min looking stupid while you wait to be able to start it again.

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It dosent have a ff per say more like a sediment bowl. It's right next to the carb fuel bowl small bowl 10mm nut. Sounds like a fuel issue. Is there a lot of sediment in the tank? Did you take off the bowl?
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I can see some sediment in the tank but not a lot. The design makes it so that the pickup is well above the bottom and you 'run out' of gas when there's still like 1/4 tank left so that it doesn't suck up any sediment. My guess is this why it doesn't have a fuel filter. As for the bowl... no idea. I've never looked at that.
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