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Teaching an employee respect and to listen?

So round last June or July I had a thread about an employee stopping a machine in it's tracks to answer a personal call on his telephone. A few guys flammed me and told me I was a hot head and unreasonable. A few guys agreed 110% with me. So, the outcome of that was he did end his personal phone calls, after that episode we didn't have any more problems with his incoming calls.

OK, so now, the same guy works his butt off. I will honestly say he really does work hard all day long.

But I have a serious problem with him. And that is - he often will not take constructive critism. He almost has a year working with me. His background is drywall and painting, so there are alot of ins and outs he has to learn about what we do.

Anytime I try to show him or tell him a better way to do something - he flys off the handle. He will start yelling / arguing back with me very loud, and everytime I try to speak he will interupt me and not allow me to finish a sentence. People will often behave like that as a way of trying to intimidate others. Problem is: #1. No matter what one says or does I do not get intimidated. #2. I am the boss

Some examples:

One time I was setting up the laser level as I was about to leave to run errands. Before I set the level I asked if anyone measured something. They all said "no". So I did the measuring and I set the level and left. Well, I come back and hardly no work was done. They had moved the level. I said "why did you move the level?" They replied "well so and so measured and you changed his measurements". Well, this guy became irrate. Everytime I tried to talk he would interupt. I would say "ok, I am going to speak", I would say 3 words and he would interupt. I would say "ok, I will try to speak again", and again he would interupt. He became very angry. Threw the shovel not at me but in my direction. I was trying to say "hey I asked if anyone measured and all of you told me no". Finally after he calmed down I was able to speak and go through the story word from word. He realized I was right and he apologized.

Last thursday they were assembeling a fence that we had taken down to get into the back yard. One corner post needed moved about 1/2 an inch to the left. Well I was standing back watching him try so hard to move the post, but his efforts were not working and I knew exactly why. So I calmly said to him "the post isnt moving can I show you why", I was very nice, I wasn't demeaning, and I was soft spoken. And naturally he becomes angry with me, hastily replying "I'm working" while trying harder to move the post. I replied as I was moving towards him "I know you're working, but you are not doing it right, now step back and let me show you why". So I show him why it wasnt working and I tell him what needs to be done. So he does as I said and the post moved right where it needed to be instantly.

This guy is a nice guy. And like I said, he is a workhorse. He's hispanic, about 27 yrs old. I'm thinking he lacks parental guidance and doesnt realize his actions are really wrong. He is on the verge of being fired. I mean he's this close. But before I fire him I want to try to work with him on this.

He got a $1.50 raise this year. Would have been slightly more but because of his temper it cost him some points. I rewarded him for his hard work, but I'm not rewarding someone who yells at the boss.

So what I'm thinking is saying to him "ok, for each pay period we complete with NO yelling and arguing with me - I will give you another 50 cents per hour that week. For any one time you argue with me or talk over me - you can kiss that extra 50 cents goodbye for the pay period.

Your thoughts?

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