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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I was given different information from my dealer, Gravely rep, and Gravely regional manager. They're telling me $12,500.00 is the number that must be met. Once you meet this number of $12,500, any Gravely product including maintenance parts is 20% of for a window of 12 months from the original fleet discount purchase and subsequent items do not have to be on one receipt but as many as needed within that 12 month period.

watsmi57, I hope the info I was given is correct and you are wrong because I'm about to pull the trigger on a 460 and have another mower up for sale to possibly purchase another 460 within that 12 month window.

I just fired off and email to the regional rep to get clarification hopefully. I'll let you know.
The site mentioned above:
says at the bottom that all items must be on the same invoice and purchase by the same single buyer, which implies that a year's worth of stuff doesn't count. It also says 15% rather than 20. Maybe the policy is changing, but I've heard about four different versions of this today alone. When you get an authoritative answer, please let us know. I could possibly get to 10,000 before discount, but not 12,500 before discount.
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