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I'm pretty sure he realizes I'm the boss. I didn't quite really mean the numbers in order of priority! There have been many a times where I have specifically said "this is my company" or "I am the boss" to him. In my 22 years in business I have NEVER had to say that until recently. I don't like being an employer where everything is me me me. I believe its us us us. This guy isn't concerned with rising to the top, his problem is he angers easily and can't manage it. It's a shame for him because it's already cost him a full raise.

As I stated in another topic about a month ago - I had fired a guy where we were a good ways from his car! LOL - he had to walk 7 miles to the square of the nearest town to be picked up by a ride!

Then on the other hand I have another guy that is as respectful as can be and another work horse. He reads his Spanish religious books to the job and reads them when we drive back at the end of the day.
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