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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Why do you have to tell him you're the boss or that it's your company if he knows. To me this situation screams poor management. Why would an employee feel like he could yell at the boss? Why would the boss let it fly? This seems pretty straightforward to me....either smarten up and do what I say and how I say it, or find another job. Done, thread over. I don't think it's an employers job or responsibility to teach respect, that is a parents job. I'm sure you could find another drywall guy or painter to install pavers

I am not sure I would offer a reward system for my employees to respect me. Employees can see weakness in management a mile away, I would re-evaluate what I was doing.
Well, nepatsfan I could find a cure for cancer and you would say I didnt do it fast enough. For some reason, you have a little thing for me

I'm certainly not "weak management", but hopefully your day is fulfilled from jumping at the chance to state that But obviously I am looking for ways to improve, or this conversation would not exist. I recognize and am aware of a problem, and believe in first trying to iron out the wrinkles. Typical Liberal, huh!

I'm just as human as everyone else here. I operate a very very small company. Very small. With small companies, employee management is typically handled much differenty, with limitations and lines drawn. There are pluses to managing employees at small companies, and there are negatives. And vice versa for for large companies. We all have weaknesses. Weaknesses are why this forum is in existance. Most of us know our weaknesses. Some go after help and support to overcome them, some are embarassed and keep it to theirselves. Kinda like your weakness that you have for me (speaking of weaknesses)

As far as the backgrounds of who I hire - 99% of the time I NEVER hire experienced paver installers Nor do I have intentions of doing so! I specifically hire guys with no paver or block experience, this way they only ever know one way to do it - my way. I've produced some of the best installers in the area. In the last 22 years I've been in business, I have hire 2 guys with paver experience. Breaking them of bad habits learned elsewhere or teaching them correct ways - was like pulling teeth. Many Americans change jobs. There are members of this forum that either work or have worked in completely different careers before becoming landscape/hardscape contractors. Thank, but you may have the experienced new recruits

And I agree - I dont believe an employer should have to teach an employee respect.

BTW - Still waiting to see your annual qualifications pics on this site of your work
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