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The little I know is they feel confident they have made a better stander than Wright. I'm not a stander guy but from what I've read, Wright may be the bench mark to beat. They were talking twin pumps/motors, lower center of gravity then any other, hand and foot operated deck lift system, and some other nice features. It all sounded good even to a guy that likes a seat. It sure would beat a walk behind for my gated areas. So maybe some day.........

Defiantly check on some other blades. I did notice on the yard the rep cut with it had a little more clippings then the 460 left for me. By no means was it terrible. And this is a challenging yard for my Hustlers. I spend approx. 10-15 blowing clippings after cutting. Very healthy. I may have spent 2-3 min. so it was minor. The X Factor on a different yard was even better.

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