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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
The little I know is they feel confident they have made a better stander than Wright. I'm not a stander guy but from what I've read, Wright may be the bench mark to beat. They were talking twin pumps/motors, lower center of gravity then any other, hand and foot operated deck lift system, and some other nice features. It all sounded good even to a guy that likes a seat. It sure would beat a walk behind for my gated areas. So maybe some day.........

Defiantly check on some other blades. I did notice on the yard the rep cut with it had a little more clippings then the 460 left for me. By no means was it terrible. And this is a challenging yard for my Hustlers. I spend approx. 10-15 blowing clippings after cutting. Very healthy. I may have spent 2-3 min. so it was minor. The X Factor on a different yard was even better.
I am not a fan at all of the XR7 deck at least in my area. He may have cut the other lawn shorter than you do normally, leaving more clippings plus most reps don't know any of the tricks we use to hide the clippings, so my guess would be its a better deck than the xr7. But your older Hustler deck probably cuts better and stays cleaner than the xr7 also.

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