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Originally Posted by zechstoker View Post
If "he" was a reference to me, I'd definitely like to retire at some point, but I haven't really set a goal as to what age I'd like to retire at. I just know I don't want to be busting my @$$ and breaking my back up until the day I take my final nap.

When this job was offered to me, I was told they'd like to have me running the route on my own for at least a couple years until business picked up to where we'd have to hire another person to work with me. Then I'd be in a supervisor position, and eventually (further down the road), move up from running route to just supervising a crew while I run a pest control route of my own. Basically, just keep moving up the ladder, doing less labor, and more work behind a desk at the office as things progress. Who knows though, maybe one day I'll branch out and go on to bigger things.

I spent some time yesterday reading about one of the titans in our area to see what they're doing, and how they got to that point. It was 2 guys who started a lawn care business in 1970, maintaining residential properties. They say as time went on, and demand grew, they kept branching out and evolving their business. Today, they're a company with over 70 employees, and they're covering every last aspect of the industry, and have dominated this field of work around here. Like many others, I strive to be like them. Everyday I learn something new, and everyday I evolve just a little bit more. Kinda like Lowe's slogan: Never stop improving.
He was actually Yardguy28.

So basically there are 3 options maybe 4 options in thi business.

Run Solo
Jump on with someone and grow with them.
Run the business
stay a hired hand.

They all have pro's and cons.

Like the lowe's saying is the other one, if you are not getting better you are getting worse. The competition will catch up sooner or later unless you keep pushing.
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