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Originally Posted by cimkill View Post
I haven't read the entire thread, but Mick would you buy it again after having it. I have an 05 hustler Z 60" with a 28kholer and its a tank. I purchased another brand and am not impressed with its tolerance for rough bad terrain. It has been falling apart since I got it down here! My old hustler had been cutting exact same terrain for over a year and nothing crazy happened to deck. Cut is very important though so what would you say? I might be making another ztr purchase and really think it would be a super z. I cant demo, and have to import myself. Thank you.
Wow, put me on the spot!!!!!!!

I guess the short answer is........... Yes!
Most if not all the photos Ive put up have been of long, thick, damp grass thats been missed due to rain for 3 and or 4 weeks. Its not really a fair comparison to nice regular lawns. My 08 SZ would of had a hard time on these lawns too and been very slow going. The new SZ, while yes, there are windrows, was able to just get it done. Cant polish a sh!t kind of thing!
Good ride, great hydros, strong engine etc makes it tick most of my box's. It has its issues like I still frickin HATE the fuel tanks etc but still, its a great machine!

My only other real option was the Turf Tiger but I wanted something with a better ride and didnt want to loose the speed of the SZ so, I really didnt have much of a choice.
If the TT had some kind of suspension (other than seat) and larger fuel tank I would of seriously looked at the Big Block TT.

If you cant demo it puts you in a tough position.
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