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Ok here's straight from my awesome Gravely rep Fred Joyner. I'm not quite sure what the
flyer pricing is about. I'm a little confused on that. I hope this helps clear up questions.

Actually, the Fleet discount is only in a “Calendar” year. So, once you make a purchase, and qualify, you can buy like an edger, or snow thrower or a power rake or another lawnmower, and it would qualify on the Fleet program, because of your original purchase.

But, again, only in a Calendar year.

The $12,500 is the suggested Retail or MSRP off a unit. You simply add up list price on products and take 20% off.

Once the net invoice (after discount of 20%) is $10,000, the purchase is qualified.

As I mentioned, the Flyer Pricing (newsprint handout) is about 10% off list. (This is a rough estimate, and does not include Turf products as the flyer uses a different matrix for Turf product, not all turf product qualifies for 10% off (like outsourced ).

Do not take 20% off the newsprint flyer to determine the final fleet cost.

Fleet is for serialized units and accessories.

I am pretty sure it includes mulch kits, and accessories at time of purchase, but I do not believe that it includes service parts.


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