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Originally Posted by cimkill View Post
Mick Thank You and sorry about putting you on the spot! MTmower is now doing that to me LOL. I will first let you guys know that I cut in the worst, and harshest conditions you have ever seen. Micks pasture areas are like my good areas its terrible down here in belize the concept of box blading has evaded these people. Ground is rough they throw rocks in the parks for fun, its crazy! Thats why the mowers get beaten up. That said its a ferris IS3100zp. I got the propane because gas is $6.00 and propane is $2.00.
I've read enough of your posts to know which mower you were going to say it was. What is happening to the ferris? I always wondered when you picked that machine how long it would hold up. I think the Ferris's are excellent mowers, and built well too, and there's no doubt they ride nice, but I had the feeling that you were taking a luxury highway vehicle off-roading so to speak. Is the troubles you are seeing in the deck itself, or in all the suspension mounting points or both, or just what? Thanks.
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