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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I've read enough of your posts to know which mower you were going to say it was. What is happening to the ferris? I always wondered when you picked that machine how long it would hold up. I think the Ferris's are excellent mowers, and built well too, and there's no doubt they ride nice, but I had the feeling that you were taking a luxury highway vehicle off-roading so to speak. Is the troubles you are seeing in the deck itself, or in all the suspension mounting points or both, or just what? Thanks.
Oops didnt realize i was that bad! I think ferris is great they replaced almost everything that has gone wrong along with my great dealer support. Well one of the rear shocks went out and that was replaced! The left anti scalp wheel got folded, bent under the deck! We fixed that ourselves will have to post some pictures its a major improvement over what they had. Now that my wife is here and she knows how to put picks on. The front right of the deck got bowed in had to use a body shop to straighten it back! The deck stabalizing bars have both broke off. We re wellded them two weeks ago, and the right one just broke off in another spot! have to fix that tommorow. Well that's all so far.
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