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Originally Posted by MarkintheGarden View Post
I do not like to see these kind of reactions to this thread. The truth is there is a high failure rate in small businesses, but those that do make it provide a rewarding career for the owner and his employees.

There are many resources available to the small business owner, including this one. I have often read threads that talk about how to calculate operation costs, and then the same person posts his failure story and it is clear that he did not take his own advice.

Learn all you can. Leave nothing to chance. Calculate and prepare for the worst possible scenario. Do not take yesterday's success for granted. Work hard and foster good customer relationships. Do these simple things and you can succeed beyond your hopes.

Oh, and one other thing, read and post on the success story threads. This story was predictable eight ways to Sunday, the final chapter was no surprise to anyo

ne but the author.
Yep. Prepare for the worst is a very true statement, most people don't. This thread is tired, it needs to be retired.
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