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Oh man, sounds like you only have 2 choices! The SZ or TT.
The rep told me about a council that runs the new SZ in kind of the "Outback." These areas are rough like you describe and the operators are idiots. They push concrete slabs that picnic tables sit on around with the deck and just run full stick all the time. Due to the floods and rain the grass had been getting very long etc and they are still getting the work done in much quicker time than using previous mowers (I cant remember what they were). Rep told me they love the new SZ's and I believe him.

I guess its production v's potential cut.
The SZ will get more done than a TT due to the flex forks but the discharge may or may not be up to scratch.
Even if you had to go and feather a few clumps with the SZ, you'd still be a head in production!
Both machines are build tough but the TT rides rough from all accounts so probably not the right machine after a Ferris. The SZ isnt as smooth as a Ferris but as youve seen, all those moving parts arent always a good thing! Broken mowers have zero production and only cost money.

I think we contractors care to much about our work sometimes. If the conditions a terrible, how is anyone expected to make it look good? Like I said, cant polish a sh!t!

Is there absolutely no way of getting a demo? Why dont you get a hold of Pj and see if he can help you out?

From what you describe, IMHO, the SZ would be best suited to your needs.

Can you take some pics of these areas?

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