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depends on what the job is, i normally make 50k a year, with similar benefits at my job, cept.... its overnight shift, i never see my family. my sleeping schedule is so off, i am like a zombie most of the time. its warehouse work, i am constantly moving heavy boxes for 10+ hour shifts. i've recently been through a major shoulder surgery from gradual onset injury. people think i'm off my rocker, but my goal is to leave and go work solo doing lawn care. my wife works, and i can live off of less money. if i had a normal day job, that i thought i could be at till retirement, i'd stay. i have a better chance in lawn care when i reach 60 than i do in a warehouse if i work till i'm 65.. lol, i'm 35 now. still got a ways to go! anyways, life is too short to do something you don't want to do. but whats more important, money and things? or happiness? lol. who knows. however, i know my heart is into this type of work, not warehouse work.

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Simple question.....

Who would quit their job making $58000 to start a landscape maintenance business. thats with 401k matching 6% and paying $315 for health benefits a month. Just curious.. how many crews would i need to make this in the business?
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