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Originally Posted by kse1221 View Post
Simple question.....

Who would quit their job making $58000 to start a landscape maintenance business. thats with 401k matching 6% and paying $315 for health benefits a month. Just curious.. how many crews would i need to make this in the business?
There are a lot of guys on here who know a lot so take it all in, that being said I did and have never looked back. This last year I made over 50k, and it was my fourth year. We have to work year round meaning pushing snow in the winter. I have one full time guy from April until October. After October he is on unemployment and on call for us. This may not work in your state. And he can only work so many hours and keep his unemployment.
From may till September he runs a crew him self and a another guy, and I run the other crew with two other guys. I have a extra guy because I have to answer the phone talked to customers and we mow the bigger places.
In the winter we have a bigger JD that I use to plow parking lots with, and then we have a smaller JD with a plow that we use to plow side walks and drive-ways with. I could gone on. And we only mow Monday through Thursday, and half days on Fridays doing maintenance. Weather providing lol.
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