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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
On my Z720 I did because I was going from a 5/16" thick blade that comes std on them, to the 1/4" G6's or OEM highlifts. On my Z950 I didn't because it came stock with OEM highlifts. The profile of the G6 and OEM highlift are exactly the same, as is the thickness of the blades.

Take a look at post # 378 (). There's a pic of the right one on my mower.
Yeah, the blades I had on there were Highlifts 1/4" thick 3 inches wide and it had the same curve in it and all. So I figured the washer wasn't needed.

First time using gator G6 blades today. Not sure what to think yet. Noticed the clippings are indeed a little more chopped up.
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