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Where the G6's really shine is when the grass has had to be let go for a few days due to rain, and then it's all lush and long. I used to have to double, and once in a while triple cut to get rid of the extra long clippings on weekly cut lawns. I rarely have to do that anymore in the long, lush stuff. I don't think they stripe quite as well as the OEM high lifts, but they do good enough that I can live with the results to get the extra mulching performance.

Using them in conjunction with this MOD deck, I get very few clippings actually coming out the discharge chute with the chute wide open. The MOD deck looks almost indentical to the ICD deck underneath, and I mean very close in design when the MOD is in the open position. IMO, the front baffling causes the clippings to get chopped even finer than they did with the G6's and my std 7 Iron deck last year.
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