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Not to start anything but am I missing something you have no customers! your not over night going to have 100 customers. Your going to have to start out as a one man operation. You keep asking about commercials theres so much competition it takes years to aquire them and to be able to build a reputation to aquire them. I had a job making 60k a year with unlimited overtime and $200 dollar health care but I wasnt happy. I run my own landscaping snow removal company and have several employees depends on time of year. Even with them Im still out working with someone else on a mowing route because I love it and in the winter I have my own snow plowing route where I handle alot of our high end accounts. Even after my routes are done I go around and check random jobs for quality control. To who ever estimated $800 for advertising thats funny I spend $1300 for internet advertising alone in a month. Your just starting out no one knows who you are it takes time and patients. I love this field and wouldnt change it, most days I love my job some days I want to scream. Not trying to be discourage anyone but this is a competitive business and you have to start out as a one man business everyone does theres no shame in it and you appreciate where your at as you grow. As for the retirement statements I invest in rental property's as my source of retirement for the future any money I make in rent after paying taxes, home insurances, repairs goes into buying more propertys
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