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Originally Posted by brian1425 View Post
Cant say I have read through all 455 posts, but I have read quite a bit and trying to understand if the only advantage I would get with the G6 blades vs the Scag OEM would be the the clippings are smaller? Do these blades provide any more lift than the OEM that increase my quality of cut? I am also worried about the comments about the blades not striping as well. I have heard both sides....yes stripes well and not as good as OEM. I have a 52" Velocity deck.
The G6 blades on my 61in Velocity deck cut and stripe just as good as the OEM standard AND high lift blades. You're cutting the same types of grass as I cut and the G6 blades have proved to be a worthy contender with the Fusion tips and high lift performance on all of my lawns I maintain. I still have to go over a few a second quick run if the grass is heavy but it was much worse with the OEM high lifts. So far I haven't had clumping issues. I believe this is due to the fact that the G6 provides enough air flow with the taller sail but cuts the clippings into smaller pieces which allow them to fall into the lawn rather then lay on top. They cost me more through my dealer then the OEM Scag high lifts so I was skeptical about spending the money on something I was only hoping they would work well enough (kinda like you're probably feeling about now with whether or not to buy them) that I wouldn't feel like I wasted my money (tax write off or not) and after the first day using them, I was extremely impressed with the discharge ability and how well it fanned the clippings out. I kept looking back and to the side (when discharging onto the cut area) to see if it was piling up any and to my surprise, it wasn't. Every time I'd look back the smile was getting bigger and bigger. LOL

I say spend the money and try them. I think you'll be happy with the results. By the way, I have a Power Chute Design OCDC on my Scag. If I have to close it and it for obvious reasons will build up, it's much finer and when the pile pukes out, it takes a quick turn into the pile and it's gone.
I do not work for Oregon but I sure think they hit the home run that won the world series with the G6 blade.
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