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Originally Posted by JohnnyRocker View Post
So to summarize the thread, give up, and stop coming to this site, because apparently you have no chance in this business. Homeowner mower sales will sky rocket now!

I have to say that is a very cynical attitude and a complete distortion of what Procut's intent was in doing these two threads.

His is a very common story, unfortunately. The fact that he's willing to share his experiences -good, bad, indifferent- is a credit to him. Too many here have absolutely no clue/training/educational background on what it takes to make a service business grow and be successful.

More threads on what blower is "better", or what mower is more "bad ass", as opposed to how to manage cash flow, finance expansion, or control costs doesn't help anyone.

These threads are a breath of fresh air and a healthy dose of reality. Learn from it or, at the very least, be aware of what some of the dangers are in expanding crews and operational costs challenges.

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