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Originally Posted by brian1425 View Post
Cant say I have read through all 455 posts, but I have read quite a bit and trying to understand if the only advantage I would get with the G6 blades vs the Scag OEM would be the the clippings are smaller? Do these blades provide any more lift than the OEM that increase my quality of cut? I am also worried about the comments about the blades not striping as well. I have heard both sides....yes stripes well and not as good as OEM. I have a 52" Velocity deck.
When I said I don't think they stripe quite as wwell as the OEM highlifts, that is for my brand only. I have no idea if they stripe as well as Scag's, so heed orangemowers opinion regarding that. I run Deere. Like I said, they stripe well enough that it isn't worth changing back to the OEM's for a tiny percieved amount on my part, and one probably no one else would notice. They do however chop the clippings up like no other side dsicharge blade that is currently available, and they have enough lift to provide an excellent cut and great discharge.
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