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i'll never go back to high lifts. deere high lifts cost $70 a set where as the g6 are $50 a set so they are cheaper. they even leave just as good of a cut from what i've seen. note i don't stripe being down south so i can't speak about stripe performance.

most of my yards are bi-weekly cuts so the g6 blades have helped in a big way to reduce clippings left on the lawn after cutting. since they are smaller they fall into the yard better instead of laying on top of it.

i've also noticed in taller/wetter/thicker grass like 8"-12" my engine no longer bogs down like it used to with the high lifts. although this type of cutting is in rare cases such as first time cuts or cuts after periods of rain these blades help if those situations come up.

i'm very happy with these blades and i see no reason to ever use stock high lifts again over these.
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