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The only 80's era install I ever saw that had a drafted design was installed by Hall and it really wasn't bad, even by today's standards.
I have alot of systems i now service installed by a company that was based out of Goldsboro that was called "professional turf services" They were BIG toro fans.
They rolled hard in the early 80's to mid 90's. Started only with residential-commerical then quit
that- to only work on doing golf course systems. At their height im sure they had 15-25 guys on the payroll plus office staff.
Doing just irrigation... I remember when i was 17 or so going to their shop to get a couple of as-builts for some old residentals they installed in wilson, i was very impressed and is partly why i stuck around in the business so long. (Thats been 15 yrs ago.)

They had a full time draftsman (or two) doing all their asbuilts to hand to customers when finished, talking about some good looking drawings!

I have a handfull of them at my shop in my flat file cabinet for my
asbuilts and plans.

They closed up shop in the late 90's early 2000's with drop in golf course construction.

I called them one day for another as-built, they told me they had recently closed and THROWN AWAY hundreds/thousands
of drawings! (talking about a day late - dollar short) I would have paid a few 100 to keep all those drawings to see what systems they installed over the yrs.
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