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truck is 4 yrs old,look for rotted brake,trans cooler,and fuel lines.If it was used for plowing since new,it might be needing these soon,and they are $$$$.if you go without doing them,it will cost even more when trans frys or brakes fail after one blows.Take a freind with you,lay under the truck's front end.have him wiggle the steering wheel back and forth slowly,look at every joint,like the tie rods,ball joints and steering box for play.If there is play in any of these joints,they need to be replaced.Check trans fliud,is it burnt and brown?if it is the trans will go out real soon.I see a lot of 351's that plow with rotted out oil pans,so check it out oo when your under there.Does it clunkl hard when dropped in drive?If it was well maintaained,by this point you will find everything good,if not,and its real rusty,or has a lot of oil leaks underneath.Id keep on looking.Check 4WD operation,especially low range.Good luck with truck,let me know how it is
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