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I just ordered 2 gallons to use as a test. A few things im skeptical about...1. raising my ph above the high 5's causes rampant summer patch in my area..I used a very expensive all natural humate greens grade fert last year and it worked more consistently than anything I've ever used....problem was the 7 ph it caused. 2. all of the comps are to synthetic fert, not things like plant tone, PHC, etc. I have no doubt the science works, as anyone who has ever used something like plant tone in a problem area would tell you. 3. The Phos levels in Long Island can be higher than your soil test report will go. Some people say it isnt available and some say it is. I've had 2 different soil reports with 2 different answers. This product claims to make the phos bio available. I'm willing to bet that many other products do the same thing. For me it all comes down to cost. .33/1000 sounds like it's too good to be true. Im already down to 1.5lbs n per season and my grass is a deep green that iv'e only seen 1 guy beat.....and he's cutting at 2.5" with a reel mower.

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