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Business License?

Since I was 9, I have been mowing lawns. For years it has just been "mowing for some friends and family". Now that I am almost 16, I am wanting to start actually making a business out of it. I can be my own boss & the pay is better than anywhere I could think of. I even have some friends wanting to help me out. The question is: Do I need a business license to operate? I have been kinda scared honesty to create lawn signs, business cars, etc. due to getting in some kind of legal trouble. I watched a video recently of a 10-year-old who had his own business & had all these made & was even wearing a hat with his company name in the video.

I live in TN, so tax in not applicable because I am doing a service, not selling goods. I know I can't open up a business account at the bank w/o a license, so currently I am just using a savings account.

Let me know what I should do please!
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