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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Had a lady call about wanting me to come every 2 weeks or so and do bed maintenance, pull weeds, prune, etc. She has another company doing the mowing, but think I could get that down the road. Its a fescue lawn so overseeding a possibility and weed control.

I've never done this before and told her I would probably just have to bill her by the hour. So I was thinking of telling her I would charge a $60 stop fee or $xx per hour which ever was greater. I'm thinking that this is a specialty job so i may charge a premium for the service. The first couple of visits may take some time to get everything under control, but 1-2 hours should be the normal visit.

Anyone do this type work? Am I on the right track?
I have 1 account like this. Every 2 weeks year round for $180/mo. We spend roughly 1.5 hours(my employee and myself) each visit during the summer and .75-1 hour each visit in the winter. It's all detail work. The only power equipment we use is a blower and hedge trimmer(on occasion). This is only for maintenance. No fert/chems included. Install work is extra.

I would just figure out yourself a rough idea how much time it would take and give the lady an out the door price for everything. Don't tell them an hourly rate. If you are charging $60/hour, a lot of people will balk at that.
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