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At least he learned now... and $35 per man hour is a good start but you should be closer to $40 or $50.

big change on lawnsite from a few years ago...used to be, guys wouldn't 'drop their gate' for less than $65/hr-

Innovate or upgrade your service or you'll be down in the trenches slugging it out with the 'kid down the street' for the $20-$25 mowings=very tough life trying to make enough to retire--

he said it right-- if you are just doing work and not thinking strategically, then you have a job...not a business.

Regular work=regular income...which leads to being able to plan.
planning your time allows you to figure how many guys to hire--and then grow-grow big enough and you can hire someone you can trust to run your business...and then therefore retire or sell the company-
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