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I thought I had it figured out, but I'm even worse off now.

Maybe a little overloaded.


Here's where I am screwed and don't know what to do. My original plan was to 'step' the ground and build the wall this way, since the ground has such a slope. It's probably weird using retaining wall stones in this application, maybe that's where I went wrong. They were cheap, so I used them. So, go to lay the next course, and of course it is offset 1 inch to the rear. It would look silly if I continued this way. Another option is to just build the entire wall up from the lowest point, but then I would have 3-4 courses buried, and it would create a large 'V' between the sidewalk and the wall that would just fill up with dirt etc. Last option is to run them parallel with the walkway and driveway, as opposed to running them level and stepped like I am now. Ideas?

The bottom closest block is 4" lower.
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