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Originally Posted by vinnieobrien View Post
everything looks superb. are you going to stay in the business and try and make it a 8-5 job? so you have time with the fam?
Not sure what I really want to do. I really like the fact that I'm not mowing anymore (just 1 small account for a friend but he gives me tons of landscaping work). People have asked me about mowing but when I give a price people just laugh and say "I think I'll just stick with my current person". I would definitely like to be on the landscaping side only (maintenance non-lawn and installation) if I were to make a run. Just need to get more work. I know others will say mowing leads to other work and I do agree, but thats why EVERYONE mows. I'd mow if I had to but I wouldn't be actually ever doing it again if I could get enough accounts for someone to do it. I'm just going to see where this goes in the next couple years of pushing the advertising and decide then.
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