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Torn Between 2 ZTRs...

Ok, so some of you may have seen my thread on upgrading to SCAG. Well, my dad is a die-hard John Deere man. He was raised on a farm using John Deere machines.

So currently I am wanting to upgrade from our Cub Cadet RZT 50 to a SCAG Tiger Cat (52" 22HP Kawasaki). My dad, however, is wanting to get a John Deere Z655 (54" 27HP John Deere Cyclone). The price difference is considerably less, and both dealers are in our backyard. The John Deere is a "heavy-duty" RESIDENTIAL lawn mower. Where, obviously the SCAG is a "low-end" (is anything SCAG makes low end? haha) COMMERCIAL grade lawn mower. At the moment I am 15 & mow 6 yards & occasionally some one-time clients when they go out of town or their grass is too much for them to handle. I will be driving next year & will be (hopefully) picking up considerably more clients.

So, any advice to help me out? Anything to change my dad's mind?
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