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I don't see how that's possible, there is plenty of food for deer during the summer, its the deep snow and lack of natural predators that drive them towards natural landscapes. The amount of acres of woods depends on where u live, and the food available. Additionally people put out bird feeders and don't allow hunting because deer are cute, cute but they taste good.
I wonder why you would say don't spray the lawns, there are ticks on the lawns. They drop off of animals all the time, if you have little critters going across your lawn then you most certainly will have them in the lawn. There will be higher numbers in beds and wood edges but we still spray the lawns.
QUOTE=phasthound;4401358]With deer populations as high as they are around here they will get used to most spray products because hunger overrules deterrents. They have stripped forests of the under story plants except for barberry. With no saplings surviving, these forests will not last for more than 50 years.

There is a company that specializes in deer deterrent, can't think of there name at the moment. Fencing is the only long term solution I know of.

If you're trying to reduce ticks, don't bother spraying lawns because tick habitat is shady, brush and tall grasses.[/QUOTE]
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