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Originally Posted by FIMCO-MEISTER View Post
Low ballers, death of the founder, segmentation among installers, builders installing the systems, did Hall under. they didn't adapt. They were using plastic like everybody else. The profit margin on installs from 1950 to 1980 was a lot higher then the profit margins from 1980 to 2110. Becoming mean and lean wasn't in their nature.
death of the founder was probably the downfall. A lot of businesses don't realize that the "out of touch" old man that "did nothing" but start the business usually has a little insight into how to run a business. I would put a 95 year old man with Alzheimer's up against any 4 years out of college business major. (I should know I am one)

Same thing happened in my family. Took my Grandad 45 years to build one of the largest businesses in his field, but took his Son (my uncle) five years to ruin it. His "innovative" strategies and management practices tanked the company in what should have been the most profitable times in the last two decades. The people in my generation need to learn with their ears, not with their flapping lips.

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