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Originally Posted by bailter View Post
Do any of you have maple trees in the affected area. Ours look OK, except for the first year ever they have put on a lot of the samara seeds. I have been told this can happen when a tree is under stress. Not sure if the imprelis caused this or not. Just wondering if anyone else has observed this?
What state are you from? Here in NE Ohio, my Maples are also stressed and shedded a LOT of seeds which as you know is very annoying. But, this may have resulted from the warm March we had followed by cold in April which threw things out of cycle. I HOPE it isn't from more Imprelis migration from my neighbors property which had Imprelis used on it. It already killed 16 of mine near the border. At this point, looks weather related here. But, if you had Imprelis applied anywhere near your maples, watch very closely. It's been surprising what damage has been caused by this chemical to different trees including maples and even lilacs. If you had an unusually warm early spring followed by cold that could have stressed the upper areas of the tree.
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