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Originally Posted by BPS## View Post
Ya know kid you are going to give some "professional" companies a serious run for their money on the finished look of your properties.
The lines are straight, the edging looks _____ hot and I'm sure your clients are happy with the work.

Long as you keep up that kind of work, charge a fair price (don't low ball just because you are young) and get some liability insurance sooner or later you should be in this for the long haul.

I have to give you a lot of kudos for the fact that you are out and getting it done while 99.9% of the other punks your age are sitting their fat axxes on the couch doing drugs, playing PS3 and getting their girl friends pregnant.

Keep it up man. Your parents have got to be proud of ya.
Originally Posted by BPS## View Post
In the 90s when I got my start I was the definition of weekend hack. $500 worth of wal mart equipment working out of a car trunk for 2 weeks. I had bought a pickup but it was delayed in the delivery and I had customers needing mowed from my newspaper listing. But I tried my best to provide the best work I could and soon moved beyond the hack equipment look.

Today I play with the biggest dogs in town.

Hey thanks alot. I do have a pretty impressive setup for 14 years OLD. all is commercial grade and in new or almost new condition. I bought the walkbehind with sulky with 80 hours on it two months ago.
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