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Looks like I'm going to be a future Gravely owner. I had the chance to demo the 460 and was super impressed. I've been running Hustler SZs for the last 12 years, Exmark, Ferris, and Encore walk behinds, and I recently demoed the Walker Super B, Bad Boy Outlaw, and Husqvarna PZ. Congratulations on making a really nice machine! I only had about an hr to play on it on flat, dry ground but I liked just about everything about it when I demoed it. It road better than any ZTR I've ever been on and was very smooth to operate.

The only constructive criticism I have is the gas tank gauges should be near the front of the tanks to be seen easily from the seated position, pneumatic tires are a must (over 2000 hrs. and only one flat for me so far), ride and handling are much better, COG would be nicer if a little lower, the bolts in the deck for the optional mulch kit stick out under the deck catching clippings and making another obstacle to scrape around when cleaning (these bolts should come with the mulch kit and a shorter set that are flush with the underside should come in the deck from factory), I like the hinged discharge chute better than the manual, I wouldn't argue if you wanted to add a couple mph too, and the bagger system could be simplified even more (see Husky PZ). I'm a picky guy and once I get a season under my belt on one I may have a thing or two to add but well done sirs!

My likes I wrote in my other post. thread #115

They are too many to list again here and I'm sure I left some out.

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