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Bifenethrin..........Deltamethrin! These are good choices for exterior tick control. Remember, the ticks will be in places other than on the grass.........they will be in the trees-sometimes higher than a homeowner sprayer can reach, they will be in shrubbery, scrub grass areas and wildflowers. Be careful in treating these wildflower areas during bloom for bee populations will be lessened. I would follow the directions on the labels and treat on monthly intervals during high deer travel times.

Putting up a fence is okay, but remember this-- Buck, Doe, Fawns can jump a normal 5ft. tall fence with ease. You will want to have razor wire boundaries installed to be efficient and don't be fooled with the idea of electric fencing. The deer can sense electrical impulses so don't go there.
I was being foolish about my comment of the bird and cat population increase but there is some practical knowledge to that radical blurt out.
If you are seriously wanting to clear out the deer. Contact a real-professional trapper and have them place out scent barrier of natural predator's. This will work during rut season. Then again, just contain some of your own urine in a gallon milk jug and pour it here and there on the outskirts of the property. This will help............but hey, people are civilized and don't do such things...........RIGHT? Get back to the basics of why you don't pee around the hunting camp or while you are in the woods attracting deer. Think about it!! Deer smell humans or their scent and they are gone.

One more small thing. Many cans tied to heavy string set along the path of travel where the wind can blow them around..........this will deter deer from coming, yet they will find an alternate route.

Why not set out noise makers, set out scent traps, purchase one of the product I mentioned above to spray around the house? To be completely effective with controlling the will need ovacide products added to the sprays, but then this get too cost sensitive if you have a large property. Talk to a professional, then talk to a Game and Fish Agent, The County Extension services and get more input on this subject.
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