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Originally Posted by humble1 View Post
I don't see how that's possible, there is plenty of food for deer during the summer, its the deep snow and lack of natural predators that drive them towards natural landscapes. The amount of acres of woods depends on where u live, and the food available. Additionally people put out bird feeders and don't allow hunting because deer are cute, cute but they taste good.

I wonder why you would say don't spray the lawns, there are ticks on the lawns. They drop off of animals all the time, if you have little critters going across your lawn then you most certainly will have them in the lawn. There will be higher numbers in beds and wood edges but we still spray the lawns.


I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
Sure you can just make stuff up you just did!

Phasthound maybe you can explain how when i measure lawns i am getting covered in ticks then?

Please reread the info link you provided I copied it below- it shows "grass" as a place where ticks can be. Also where the lawn meets the woods would also include the lawn edge what you suggested we shouldnt spray.

Tick Habitat

Many people think ticks are only present in the woods. However, ticks can be found in many areas.
Where woods/fields meet lawn
Wooded areas
Tall brush/grass
Under leaves*
Very small numbers on cut/raked lawns or sports fields
Under ground cover (plants) in yard *
Around stone walls and woodpiles where mice & other small mammals live

*under plants/leaves to prevent dehydration

I must say you should go back to selling the organic stuff and not giving expert advise in this area, this is the problem with people like you that go on a thread spouting garbage from your mouth as though you know anything about tick mitigation, when you clearly dont have any expertise in this area of pest control. Given the real life dangers of Lyme Disease and Babesiosis many people look online for real solutions to a problem they have, they often come to this site thinking a professional might have an answer. You Sir are as far from an expert in the field of tick control and mitigation as you can get, your facts and advice are just incorrect! I am a professional in tick mitigation, I hold cat 47 in MA for mosquito and biting fly, as well as cat 37 in Turf our company also does pest control, and have a dedicated truck, tank sprayer and 50ft air blast on a four wheeler for tick and mosquito mitigation services. It is out right dangerous for you to give advise in this area, if someone doesnt spray their lawn and thinks ticks are not there due to your "expert advise" then they or their family is at risk.

Human sent is a problem when deer hunting in areas of the country where human scent is lacking, example way out in the woods is not where you want to pee if your hunting. Deer know and are accustom to our scent, they come into our yards and eat our shrubs, human scent is not something they are scared of.

Deer are not the only problem with ticks, ticks are not born with the bacteria that causes lyme disease, they get it by getting a blood meal from infected mice primarily, chipmunks, rabbits, opossum, and two types of birds (i cant recall) This is why tick tubes is only one thing to use in tick mitigation, because you dont get the other sources of reintroduction with just tubes. This is also why deer scent deterrents arent going to protect you.

Here is the best thing to do for tick control.

Clear away brush piles or old wood piles where rodents will nest, keep a clear border edge between wood line and lawn. Cut away underbrush, mice and rodents do not like being out in the open where they can get picked off. Remove bird feeders, mice and chipmunks will come onto the "LAWN" to feed and will drop ticks all over your lawn. Wood chips will provide a barrier that dehydrates ticks, and should be used around any childrens climbing structures.

Keep lawns cut regularly and cut short, again rodents dont like being in the open. Spray your lawn to kill what gets dropped there, shrub and flower beds, under decks, stone walls and wood lines, we go for 20ft min of wood edge penetration. Additionally garlic repellents are not going to work, if i spray an acre and a tick is in the middle of it, which way is the tick going to start walking, they dont travel far. They wont like it but as soon as the grass starts growing there is new untreated leaf, a few days later there is a lot of area where they can hang out.
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