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You make a good point on deer being not the only culprit in tick spread. In my area, the deer are only in the county areas or better set 100 miles around our rice country. We have to travel to deer hunt. Lyme's disease must be a problem in your area as per the population of urban and city life meets. We are privy to squirrel, raccoon, mice,rat and other small rodents that pose a small issue, but tick populations arise from outside aerial applications of pesticides to crops. Then we do have areas of unpopulated rangeland. Ticks do mitigate looking for food....BLOOD! when the temperatures start to rise.
In essence, Arkansas requires a license for nuisance pest control such as mosquito's but the structural pest control section will cover outside and inside pests. My license covers outside pests of the lawn and landscape. Then again, if a tick,flea or other such structural pest enters the lawn area, it is covered under general lawn spraying of insecticides.
I again will treat a lawn to target pests in such areas of high traffic where the tick and flea will persist. I really wish the public was more conscious about pest issues then my business would benefit from the control.
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