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Originally Posted by Irrigation Contractor View Post

Adam went back through the T3 Innovation's manual for the Snap Shot, then went back to that Tucor Site that had a 300 ft. plus section of wire path with a short and found the repair point in 10 min.

The curb and sidewalk was "spot repaired" in small sections, which is what made this a difficult repair. We could have just started digging at each repair area, but that would have been a waste of time.

Anyway, he took the TDR armed with all of your tips and tricks only to find the wire path repaired with standard wire nuts and duct tape!! LOL I guess the concrete contractor did this so called repair, but the TDR ended up giving him a ready of 26 ft. from the splice box which pin pointed it exactly.

Anyone working with 2-wire needs to have at least one of these in your arsenal of troubleshooting tools. Thanks for all help Jim!!
that sounds very encouraging. adam seems to be smarter than the average bear and you are lucky to have him. hope to try my snapshot this week
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