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Wow with all that experience then you of all people should know how ticks drop off of animals all over the lawn daily. If you need to google and post things as your own and then misinterpret what is very clear, then perhaps you should stay out of a thread that could ruin someones life listening to your very bad advice. So yes people like you should not give professional advise where your advice could ruin someones life, or with babesiosis kill someone.

Spray the lawn for ticks as the link said ticks are in the grass as well as woodline and beds.

Originally Posted by phasthound View Post

I read the link before I posted it and interpreted it to mean that treating lawns would eliminate relatively few ticks. You are correct, some ticks can be found in some lawns. IMO, there is little to gained by spraying pesticides on large open lawn areas as a means to reduce the risk of being infected by Lyme Disease. Some good information can be found here.

The best method to reduce risk of Lyme Disease is to do daily, thorough body check for ticks and to properly remove them. http://www.lymediseaseassociation.or...=88&Itemid=424

"People like me" have had NJ pesticide Licenses for woody ornamentals and turf since the early '80s. People like me have managed pesticide divisions that had fleets of up to 11 spray rigs working 12 hrs a day. We have treated thousands of properties during this time period for many outdoor pest problems. People like me have learned that incorporating other methods of plant health care allows us to greatly reduce the amount of pesticides used while achieving better results. We have learned that this approach is very successful as a business model.

People like me accept the fact that other people have different ideas and beliefs. We choose not to make personal attacks just because others are not "people like me".
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