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Toro Grandstand

Fobaum -
We want to help you resolve your issues, but are not able to give good information through a forum. We ask of you, again, to please contact with your direct contact information so we can personally get in touch with you regarding this topic. Thanks, Toro.

Originally Posted by fobaum View Post
Yeah I have the fluid boiling out too. When I first got the 60'' GS I was looking for the cooler and couldn't find it, hmm guess it doesn't need it WRONG I always wonder why big mower manufacturers don't have smaller companies test their equipment, instead they have huge companies test them and the "DISTRICT MANAGER" is like the guys love the mowers, of course they are better than the walk behinds you had them running,
I love the GS I just wish they thought a few more things out. still the best stand-on out IMHO. I do wish the anti scalp wheels went lower and were closer to the deck, and two rear anti scalp rollers. my 2 pennies
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