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First things first, tighten the transmission drive belt and while you're doing that get the part number and get another one on order because they like to wear out and when it does you will want to have a spare on hand, mostly because dealers don't always have what we need when we need it.

And if that doesn't fix it one or both of your outer belts might need replacing, but do the trans belt first because the outer ones are not cheap.
You may, however, want to see about ordering up one of the outer belts as well, once again so that you have it when you need it, to my understanding they are interchangeable so you only need one to fit either side.

On a closing note I believe the transmission drive belt runs around $25 while the outer ones are closer to $80, each.
And you always want one each transmission drive belt and one outer belt in stock (as in, in your house or in your truck)
I like keeping those belts in the truck because I hate pushing those dang things and this way I don't even have to run home.

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