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Originally Posted by Vecchio Lawn Care View Post
Thanks for the advice. One question, if i create a website do i have to make my company legit? All of my lawn jobs are cash or checks made out to my name.
Often there are some allowances for the SOLO regarding "legit".
You need to know what the requirements are in your area.

You can not apply pesticides to the property of another for profit, including barter.

You can be held liable for sales taxes.

Some states you can not repair or install irrigation.

There are few laws about insurance unless you are applying pesticides or doing any kind of work in a Right of Way.

Last thing you want to have happen is for the Law to come take all of your hard work away from you. They can go back about 7 years and get all the money and more through fees and penalties. However, that is part of what they do, stop illegitimate companies from having an unfair competitive advantage.
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