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I set high standards. Those that meet them get paid a little more than they can get elsewhere, those that don't; don't work for me. I treat all my employees like family, remember birthdays, anniversaries, kids, etc. Help out in financial troubles, have them over for dinners and Bar-B-Ques, etc.

I demand loyalty and refuse to be threatened. If he had a problem he should have come to me. It turns out he was trying to get a couple of the other guys to walk out at the same time (I smell UNION). They told him no because I am fair and good to them (even if I can be an a$$hole and a perfectionist). If they had all walked, they'd be sitting on the curb and they know it.

They call me Papy J... among other things

This guy was like a son to me, too bad he got too big for his trousers.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
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