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Originally Posted by Snapper Jack View Post
Kanman........What's you opinion on the Vanguards and what GPH are you getting with the 20HP?
Very few issues with the engine itself. The valve covers stay eternally damp from oil seepage. Its not that they actually leak or drip, its almost like an osmosis thing where they stay just damp enough to always look dusty. There is probably an easy fix, but I have never taken the time to deal with it. Ive never touched anything other than filters and a couple of new batteries on that motor. [knock on wood] nothing ever needs replacing.

I honestly don't have a good grasp on fuel consumption these days, since all I mow is my own property. Ten or fifteen gallons will last me the entire summer. Its comparing apples to oranges for commercial mowing, sorry I don't have better numbers for you.

I've never regretted getting the Vanguard motor. Its a good starter in all temps. Doesn't get fussy with the choke position. From dead cold, even on hot days I choke for half a second while cranking. Soon as it hits I shut the choke off and shes ready to go. Shes not in the least bit cold blooded. Throttle up and go...

I do run a mulch kit, and in very heavy wet grass its possible to lug the motor to the point where you might have to let up, or even stop to let the motor rpm catch back up. But, that in an extreme situation, and its the mulch kits fault not the engine. It just cant clean itself fast enough to keep up with the action.
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