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I paid $32 for black enhanced mulch with no tax. I ended up only using 58 yards and sold 3 at the end to a homeowner and dumped it in his driveway. I did 61 yards for $6600 + tax. It was just a shade under $7200 total. I charged an additional $800 + tax because I had to deal with pruning some shrubs, weeding, and fixing a couple beds before being able to mulch. They agreed to pay whatever I felt fair for doing this work and they could SEE how much I did so they werre happy. I dont think the utility boxes had been trimmed in years. so that was my bid, and you better be good at estimating if you going to bid stuff thats big. I was thinking more like 40 yards but was under on that estimate. Another bidder, the cheapest in the bunch was estimating around 80 yards. I think we both need our heads examined. Either way I still cleared around $4500 all said and done and I was the middle bidder. One guy at 7200 + tax and another at 6100 + tax. I was 6600 + tax like I said. If you do the math youll see what I got per yard. On small jobs I stick with 80 per yard laid where i know i'll need 2 or 3 or 4 yards and can shoot a price to a homeowner.

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