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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
The Imprelis app on my neighbor's lawn took place last May and we noticed damage to my property in about a month or so after. I had my first official site visit by Stericyle and Davey Tree (hired by Dupont) in September then a second site visit in late October showing continued death. Been receiving the continued "it's in review" since December.

Also, just heard from a journalist that I contacted that the Oceola Township officials that received the lowball offer from Dupont for their golf course trees have not yet decided whether they'll accept it or reject it and reply with their demands.
Thats the 9 trees for $92,000? How big are the trees? I read they were meeting but not about the settlement.

Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
Another interesting discussion going on from growers concerned about Imprelis in free city mulch and also a mention of a golf course that was offered $1 million from Dupont if they don't go to court (part of the direct resolution process), but nothing on whether the golf course felt that was sufficient for the devastation they suffered from Imprelis.
So the $92,000 has jumped to $1, by next week, they'll be reporting $2 million. Unless its another golf course in Michigan, I don't think they have their information right.

I think I'm gonna skip my garden this year, first time. I just don't feel comfortable planting. Hoping my peach tree and blackberries make it.
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