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Originally Posted by cubedmack View Post
DO NOT WORK FOR SAFEGUARD! THEY WILL WORK THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND NOT PAY YOU. I've been doing REO properties for two years. It all depends on what company you work for. I only deal with Five Brothers, LAMCO and Cyprexx. All three of this company can be a pain in the ass but they pay on time. Cyprexx is real pain in the ass because they want you to do everything for the little money they pay but they will give you a lot of work. Five Brothers and LAMCO pay much higher than Cyprexx. You don't have to do trash outs and lock changes if you don't want to and you can tell them what area's you serve. With gas prices going up so quickly I try to be very selective on the distance I travel. Do not deal with Property Preservation work off of Craigslist. They will offer you $15-$25 a lawn.
I just had Property Preservation contact me. I don't think I'll be returning there call.
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